About Vantage Computer Programming

Company Focus

Our exclusive focus is on developing software solutions that are driven by the unique and complex requirements of many businesses. The business world is very complex and every company has unique challenges that simply cannot be solved by “one-size-fits-all” software. This is where we come in. We strive to build a solid relationship with our customers and it shows in our reputation. The quality of our work and the relationship with our customers has become the base for this reputation. It has been our pleasure to provide this level of service to our customers.

About the Founder

Beginning in 2009, CEO and Founder Ryan Wilson began to do freelance consulting and contracting work for a small aviation manufacturing firm in Jacksonville, FL. The needs of this company were quite unique, ranging from desktop application development to constructing and implementing databases. This work was the beginning of Vantage Computer Programming. After the relationship between Vantage and this company flourished, so did the vision for Vantage. Today, we specialize in many different technologies and services with an unwavering dedication to quality, service, trust, and loyalty. Please visit our products and services page for a more thorough description of what we specialize in.