Utilize your Quantum data to its fullest potential and watch your sales & MRO take off!


Have you been struggling with Quantum?

Vantage Aviation Software is a powerful, singularly focused, and easy to use software. We give you the powerful strategic information for growing your top-line, and actionable data for increasing your bottom-line.

Vantage Aviation Software interacts with your Quantum data to provide you with the business logic you need to take your sales and MRO to the next level. We fill in the critical gaps where Quantum is lacking.

Our bolt-on software interacts with your Quantum data, providing you with amazing business data intelligence. We want to grow your aviation company past Excel spreadsheets and Crystal reports, and into the 21st century world of data intelligence.


Sales Dashboard

Seeing where your business is strong and weak is critical to capitalizing on every opportunity. The sales dashboard compares the sales of all your customers last year to this year by laying them out, side by side, and comparing their sales, quotes, and profits. This module will become a vital component to the operation of your sales team.

Inventory Dashboard

To manage your inventory effectively so that you have supply to meet your customers’ demands is a challenge. Our software provides critical reordering alerts that will keep you worrying less about lead days and more about other things.

Shop Matrix

Every aircraft needs maintenance and every aircraft part needs MRO. If your customers are buying parts from your inventory but they are not utilizing your MRO facility, then where are they sending their parts for MRO? Our software solves this question, enabling you to enhance the utilization (and thus, the revenue) of your MRO facility.

To watch Vantage Aviation Software live and see what it will do for you, please contact us today to schedule your free demo.

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