Are you looking to gain that competitive edge in the aviation industry? Does Quantum fail to give you the proper business intelligence regarding your company that you need to make informed and strategic decisions? Tired of needing to constantly pay and maintain rigid Crystal Reports? Do you wish you could develop a program to fill the gaps that Quantum leaves with your data?

Excellent news! VantageTools is finally here to give your company that strategic edge over your competitors! VantageTools is a software designed by leading aviation industry engineers specifically for use by companies who use Component Control’s Quantum inventory management system. It delivers provable results, saving you both time and money and helping you make informed decisions regarding your business.

VantageTools offers three primary services and some other services in development:

  1. Procurement/reorder strategies, giving you valuable insight into your parts inventory to help you make informed procurement decisions to maximize profitability.
  2. Sales dashboards, to give your sales employees crucial information regarding their performance and your sales department visibility into sales performance by customer.
  3. Shop Matrix, an innovative way to view your shop performance broken down by shop and by customer, enabling you to go after business you might be missing.
  4. Accounting reports (in Beta phase)
  5. Executive dashboards (in Planning phase)

VantageTools also offers a lot of other services, such as master parts overview reports, purchase order control, ILS Report generator, mass-part inventory appraiser, and more! VantageTools is guaranteed to increase business performance for your aviation business!


Here is a preview of VantageTools services:


Hot Parts Reordering:























Inventory Management:







Sales Dashboards:

Sales Manager Dashboard:

Sales Associate Dashboard:

Shop Matrix:

Shop Matrix Drill-Down feature: